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* RR LaBamba

ABC 2650, CSI C00514-99, ICHO 1065-D
Born June 3rd, 1999 , Female

Sire: * Sockeye ABC 1169(F)
Dam: * Party Doll ABC 1655(F)

* RR LaBamba came here from Yanagi Stables. I had always really liked LaBamba while visiting at her previous home, so when she was offered for sale, what could we do but buy this lovely mare and welcome her as part of our Curly Horses. LaBamba measures 16 hands and her three full siblings range from 15.2 1/2 to 16.2 hands. LaBamba has given us some lovely foals which reached 16 hands or more at maturity.  LaBamba is a powerful horse with a sweet temperament and lots of stretch in her movement. She has the smoothest trot to ride. We hope to raise some quality sporthorse foals from LaBamba, ones with the genes to grow very tall and athletic.

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