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* Mead's Aishihik Twist

ABC 3426, CSI C00614-02
Born May 7th, 2002 , Male

* Aishihik Twist is a jet black Curly stallion, 15.1 hands with a very kind temperament, athletic movement, and the refinement of the modern sport horse. * Aishihik Twist was saddle trained by Chet Martin, enjoying some trail rides in the training process. * Aishihik Twist attended his first outdoor horse show to represent the Curly breed. He did a wonderful job under Chet's careful quidance. They took the pouring rain, thunderstorms, flapping tents, and umbrellas all in stride with calmness and confidence. * Aishihik Twist has also completed several months of dressage training. He did very well schooling training level and first level dressage under the skillfull hand of Rebecca Schoenhardt. She was amazed with his temperament and ability to remember the new things he learned.

We are pleased with the foals * Aishihik Twist has sired thus far, all have been athletic, refined, and correct with good neck length and pretty heads.

Stud fee - $1,000 CAD, plus collection and shipping fees apply for A.I.

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