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* FloraLake Midnite Beauty

ABC 3693, CSI C00620-07
Born July 17th, 2007 , Female

Dam: * MCH Buckskin Beauty

Midnite Beauty is a black looking curly mare 15 hands as a 4 year old and confirmed in foal by our black stallion Aishihik Twist for April 2012. Although Midnite is not considered a true black genetically, she looks black except for the brown on her muzzle. The interesting thing is Midnite is homozygous for black or black-based coloured off-spring. She will not have a chestnut foal, even if the sire is red. She has been DNA colour tested as E/E, A/a. She has very nice conformation with a refined head, large eyes, curled eyelashes, and strong well developed hindquarters. We expect Midnite is also homozygous for curl as she has some of the extreme traits. She does keep a nice healthy hair coat all year and grows mane and tail during the winter. Her movement is powerful, yet her temperament is kind and sweet.

SOLD to France

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